benefits of cold email shown in graph

Through the years, strategies for marketing have been evolving, from inbound marketing, outbound marketing, social media marketing and now to cold emailing.

Many have been wondering if Cold Email is still effective in 2020, as shown in the graph, it has been predicted that the number of emails sent in the next few years is just going to multiply itself and by the year 2022, it might reach 333 Billion emails per day.

It doesn’t matter how old or new the technology is. If it is working, there is no reason not use it to your own advantage right? Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Benefits of Cold Email that can potentially grow your business tenfold!

The Potential Benefits of Cold Email

1. Cold emails reach users where they spend the most time

—their inbox. For many, the inbox is the core of their day. As Jason Lemkin notes, “Senior folks are super-engaged with their inbox [. . .] Sometimes, senior execs do little more in a crowded day than attend meetings—and monitor their inboxes.”

2. Cold emails are persistent

A sales pitch on Twitter or Facebook has the potential to be seen by thousands of people, but anyone who isn’t checking their timeline right then will likely miss it. An email waits on the recipient.

3. Cold emails are scalable

You can only knock on so many doors or make so many cold calls each day. Cold email can potentially reach thousands with the click of a button—which also happens to be the big problem with cold email.

4. Networking

Sellers can reach out to prospects (future customers) that might not be aware of the product. Cold emailing helps in creating awareness amongst the people in general.A person might be looking for a Travel package to Dubai and when he gets it all served in his inbox, he would love it. Therefore cold emailing helps in connecting people who might be needing each other.

5. Lead Generation

As the name suggests, sellers can generate new hot leads while using cold emails. The beginning of any type of sale is generating a lead. Once the seller gets the lead, it’s his job to get it to the stage of sales.

6. Cold emails are visually attractive

It’s not only the dish that it is served matters. How it was served is very important as well. The same goes for emails. The written message placed on a visually satisfying layout is appealing to the eye and makes the whole more attractive. If something is more attractive then there are lower chances the reader will discard it immediately.

Additionally, visually pleasant email can take away a lot of “cold” factors from it. You can also add a professional email signature to make your emails more appealing.

7. Cold emails are more informative

What else can you do with the emails but cannot over the phone? You can send attachments. Attachments allow you to include more information (for example, you can attach a document, infographic, a promo material, etc) to tell a more detailed story about you, the company, and the product/service you have to offer.

On top of that, the sender is allowed more time to think about the email content or reply, and the recipient can read an email at their own pace without worrying that they have misheard or forgot something as it would be in the case of a cold call.

8. Cold emails increase brand awareness

Each cold email that reaches your prospect is another step made toward potential conversion. Even if some potential buyers do not need the products/services you sell at the exact moment they received, your email does not necessarily imply that they will not remember about your business in the future.

9. Cold emails can be automated and tracked

You can boost your productivity with email tools that allow you, for instance, to send personalized cold emails, integrate with another app or software, use templates, schedule, queues, etc. Moreover, you can track the number of clicks, your prospects’ replies, and any other event or behavior you find valuable to improve your marketing and sales and optimize further emails.

10. Cold emails can be personal

This benefit is loosely related to the visual appeal that was discussed earlier. A cold email can be presented in many ways. For instance, you may opt for sending a general email that would focus on your company and highlight your products and services. But a better choice would be to make them personal. Studies show that personalized emails can generate up to 6x higher transaction rates.

Pretty impressive, huh? To make it more personal, find out who your potential customers are (they could belong to a specific segment of prospects) and adjust the tone of the email message and layout to fit their profile. Here, the tone of the email is something you must take care of beforehand and you can carry on with adjusting the tone only after you receive feedback from them.

Cold Email is Awesome!! There’s No Reason
You Shouldn’t Try It Out

Cold emailing has existed since the dawn of the internet. The notion of finding business prospects through email has been around for this long because it works. Huge, multimillion-dollar companies owe their success to cold emailing, at least in their beginning phases. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, though, cold emailing is a method proven to increase sales leads and grow your network. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your campaign and get the most out of the benefits of cold email.