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Case Study



The Challenge

The company has a platform that rates companies’ security effectiveness on a daily basis using a data-driven, outside-in approach. It is transforming how companies manage information security risk with objective, evidence-based security ratings. The company wanted to focus on Account Based Marketing and wanted to work on database and the lifecycle model implementation to gauge the customer journey through the different buyer stages.



Implement lead lifecycle model


Standardize data to improve their database health


Focus on demand generation integration with Reachforce along with dynamic data population for better customer experience

Lifecycle Modeling - Analizing analytics


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HubSpot Audit

Performed an extensive audit of HubSpot workflows, forms, assets, and shared recommendations for building the lifecycle model.

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HubSpot Waterfall Setup

Consulted on the waterfall model setup. Built the process in HubSpot and Salesforce, which improved efficiency and ensured proper follow-ups from reps on qualified records.

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HubSpot Reporting

Drilled down the detailed reports for MQL’s, campaign reports, opportunity reports, waterfall conversions and velocity across stages.

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HubSpot Database Clean Up

Built contact washing machine to help reduce junk records in the database. With the use of the “washing machine” the Client received better insight into their market data.

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HubSpot Lead Routing

Standardized accounts, job titles, and industries which helped the proper routing of leads to accounts. Earlier, a large number of leads were left untouched when campaigns were scheduled on the basis of country, job title, and industry.

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HubSpot Reachforce Integration

Reachforce integration helped to fetch the data dynamically on the basis of the company selected by the user. If the company name did not exist in the Reachforce database then dynamic fields get populated to gather company-level information from the user.