Case Study

Top 3 Global Cloud
Computing Company

The Challenge

A Top 3 Global Cloud Computing company offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. These services operate from 14 geographical regions across the world. 100+ cloud products get version updates/ releases each week. The Global Communications team has to send weekly updates regarding the new releases to all subscribed users.

The release emails have to be localized for different regions. The release emails have to be sent every Tuesday morning for the previous week, giving a very small window to Marketing team.


Increase in Email Engagement


Reduced effort for the marketing team to prepare release email programs



Localized Email Content

The content for each release email has to be translated
by humans for 21 languages.

Time Zone Management

To ensure email engagement, emails had to be delivered
in the local time zone. The current MAP did not have an
out-of-the-box feature for doing this.

Improve Engagement

Apart from release notes, details for the events/ webinars
had to be included in the email. The listing for events has
to be region specific to engage correct audience.
Cloud Computing Visualization


Marketo - Cloud Computing Case Study

Marketo Email Marketing

Integrate Marketo with Cloudwords to automate the content translation process.

Marketo - Cloud Computing Case Study

Marketo Email Marketing

Segment database for different languages. For records where no language value is available, we use an IP lookup to identify the country of the user and set a default language.

Marketo -  Study

Marketo Email Marketing

Set up custom workflows to ensure emails are delivered to the local time zone of the user.

Marketo - Case Study

Marketo Email Marketing

Leverage web content tags to identify events focused on specific regions.