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Case Study

Enabling Cross-Domain Tracking Across
Multiple Brand Websites Leveraging Marketo

The Challenge

The customer is one of the largest real estate companies in the United States, based on equity and market capitalization. They have created a unique model in the marketplace by combining the financial resources, economies of scale, purchasing power, research and development, and thought leadership capabilities of a national organization with the agility, local insights, and trusted relationships of regional real estate companies.

The customer uses Marketo for its marketing operations and was seeing a lot of traffic from its Master Planned Communities (MPC) Division to its brand websites. Since the MPCs were different domains and not subdomains for the main website, the customer was unable to track the activities of a prospect on both the websites through Marketo’s default munchkin tracking code.



Track the activities of their prospects


Record prospect's web activity in Marketo

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Cross-domain Tracking Script

We applied a cross-domain tracking script to the MPC and brand websites to track the user web activity on different domains under one lead.
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Cross-domain Tracking Plugin

We created a cross-domain tracking plugin that works on REST API Cookie functionality. Ninestone Marketing’s Cross-Domain Tracking plugin was created in a way that it didn’t make any changes to the code of the website.
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Cross-domain Cookie

After the website set-up, we created a custom field in Marketo called ‘Cross Domain Cookie’ to track if the prospect that filled out a form came through another website.