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Case Study

Increasing Engagement and
Boosting ROI with Content AI


The Challenge

The customer is a multinational technology company focusing on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Over the years, the customer has continued to dominate the technology sphere because of its disruptive innovation, market capitalization, brand equity, and hyper-competitive application process. Their specialties include cloud services, storage, database, and analytics. The customer conducts over 30 product-related webinars every month. For each product update, they did not want to create a new webinar from scratch, but add the product update to the existing webinar for that product, and then promote the webinar.



Increase the efficiency of their programs


Get trackable results with the structured implementation of Content AI


Implementing JavaScript Viz for inserting images dynamically and embedding links

Boosting ROI - Cloud Servers


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Content AI Implementation

Our team recommended the customer to implement Content AI as it was the easiest approach to get trackable results which were

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Products Tagging

We created “tags” based on the products that the customer offered. In addition to these tags, we inserted the details of the webinar and assigned the respective tags of the products that they associated with.

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Predictive Content

Once the details of the webinars in the specific products were added and saved, we approved and enabled predictive content for the assets.