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Case Study

Lewis Apartment Communities

The Challenge

Lewis Apartment Communities wanted to lease up four new luxury apartment communities; two in Southern California and two in Reno, NV.

Lead volume was inconsistent for properties. Advertising sources were becoming more expensive and less effective at converting to a net lease. Content marketing and personalization was becoming more important. Leasing team members were not effectively following up with all leads which led to lost marketing dollars and lower customer satisfaction among prospects that did not receive timely follow up from Leasing Consultants.


Increase in Net Leases for the apartment portfolio


Increase in leads due to efficient use of ad dollars


Reduction in ILS paid advertising expenditures


Decrease in Google Ads cost per lead


Improvement in Google Ads conversion rates



Increase Net Sales


Lower cost per new leads


Leverage organic and paid social media


Engage previous customers to increase net leases

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Marketo Email Marketing

We created Long Term Nurture email campaigns to lost apartment prospects and new dynamic prospect email campaigns to support Leasing Consultants in closing leases.

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Marketo Multi-Touch Attribution Integration

We developed a custom integration between Google Ads and Marketo. We reduced Google Ad spend by 38% while increasing conversions by 300%.

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Marketo Lead Scoring

We created behavioral scoring campaigns to “re-activate” presumed “dead” leads and notified Leasing Consultants in real-time of hot prospects.