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Case Study

Refining Marketo


The Challenge

The customer is a leading eLearning platform and a pioneer in individualized learning. They leverage Intelligent Adaptive technology to provide an engaging curriculum and game-like environment to change the learning experience of their users. The customer was using Marketo for their marketing operations but wasn’t utilizing it to its full potential, which was restricting their scalability. They were struggling with duplicate data, lead generation, assets creation, also had issues with data quality, and difficulty in understanding the ROI from their campaigns.



Eliminate duplicate records from database


Optimize solution for lead generation, lead scoring and campaign assets


Keep prospects engaged and convert into opportunities


Partner with an organization with extensive knowledge and expertise in Marketo

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Marketo Progressive Profiling

We optimized all existing forms and added progressive profiling functionality for better lead generation.
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Marketo Data Purge & Automation

To improve the data quality, we established Data Normalization and to keep the database limit in check, Data Purge & Automation Programs were implemented.
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Marketo Email Preference Center

We built an Email Preference Center to engage leads and decrease the number of opt-outs. For email deliverability improvement Spam Monitor, Bounce Management, and NPS programs were established. New email templates and landing pages were designed to increase engagement.