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Case Study

Velocity Scripting


The Challenge
The customer is a multinational technology company focusing on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Their specialties include cloud services, storage, database, and analytics. The customer schedules a weekly newsletter for its users using Marketo and wanted to make it completely user-centric. The customer was unable to target the right users with personalized content as additional information was getting pushed to the users.

Implement Scripting Viz


Populate data according to specific users

Velocity Scripting - Cloud Servers
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Custom Objects

We created custom objects in which we added the usage period and also the products that the users had searched for on the website.

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Defining Velocity Script Code

After creating the custom objects, we defined the velocity script code with static values that needed to be used at different modules in the email.

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Multiple Velocity Tokens

To overcome the confined velocity script length, we created multiple velocity tokens which were sharing the code and variables with each other.