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Case Study

Customized Salesforce
for Huge Savings


The Challenge

  • Low Salesforce adoption rate; fewer than 20 percent of the 150 employees used SF
  • No way to track bidding processes because unwieldy Excel sheets were being used to maintain them
  • Duplicate data in web listings, which was leading to all sort of problems
  • Manual updates costing time
  • Loss of $1 million because of untracked payments
  • Lack of E-signing



Increased Salesforce adoption


Made the bidding process seamless


Tracked payments to save $1M

Customized Salesforce - Marketing strategy discussion.


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Customized Salesforce

Customized Salesforce and added edit permissions and approvals; entire sales and support teams started using Salesforce.

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Bidding Process for Partners

Built bidding process for partners to make the tracking of the bidding process seamless.

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Salesforce Custom Interface

Implemented a custom interface in Salesforce to track payments through email.

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Salesforce Hybris Integration

Integrated Salesforce with Hybris to eliminate the need of manual updates.

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Automated Process

Automated the process of web listing, it reduced the amount of the duplicate data in the system.

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Implemented DocuSign