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Ninestone supports CEF’s dedicated efforts to enrich education in Claremont.

December 9, 2023

This year Ninestone has joined CEF as a Chocolate Walk sponsor

We invite you to bring family and friends to the event.

Chocolate Walk

Ninestone is a revenue operations technology consulting firm that works with Accounting Firms and Financial Technology companies to provide next-generation sales and marketing integration results through our unique Integrated Revenue Accelerator approach.

Maximize Your Paid Advertising Profitability

Ninestone will research and provide your team with a custom 10-Year Profit Maximization PPC Advertising forecast.


Learn how to maximize your PPC profitability.


Understand your growth benchmarks and potential profit expectations from PPC advertising.


Get the same kind of results that companies spending $1M+ per month get.

This special offer is for those who:
Care about generating profit not just unqualified leads through PPC Advertising.

Want exclusive access to the top PPC omni-channel AI-powered software in the world (usually reserved for the Fortune 100).


Have an average sale value of over $8,000.

To get a custom and personalized forecast for your business, fill out the form below. This forecast takes hours of research and experience to pull together into one smart spreadsheet, which we will review together.

Please note: This forecast requires a $100 donation or more to CEF.

Improve Your Marketing and Sales Performance

At Ninestone, we help companies maximize their sales performance by leveraging their CRM, Email, and Automation technologies.

Do you want higher sales close rates?
Do you want shorter sales cycles, and higher average annual sales per client / customer?
Do you have “dead leads” that could be making you money?
Do you follow-up with each lead in a personalized way over time?
Do you contact new leads in under 5 minutes?

If you’re like business is like most, your sales focus is on generating new qualified leads, rather than nurturing the ones you already have. Dramatic growth comes when you do both lead generation and lead nurturing well.

As a Supporter of CEF, Ninestone is offering a Free 45-minute CRM and Sales Consultation.

Please note: This offer requires a $50 or higher donation to CEF.