Drive real-world visits with
location-based ads and remarketing.

Geo Targeting is when you reach your customers based on where they are or have been to drive real visits to your office or store.

Ninestone strategy

No minimum spend

Real-time reporting on in office/store visits

Learn how geo-targeted ads work.

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You want to be where your target audience groups are! Think about it, the places your prospects visit throughout the day say a lot about who they are. We harness the power of a geo-targeting or location-based advertising to reach the right people and cross reference that with in-office or in-store visits. Now that’s forward thinking!

Location tactics to drive results

We leverage the most sophisticated location-based advertising technology on the market. Choose from hundreds of customizable options including audience targeting, geo-targeting and weather targeting. Whether you’re looking to increase your website traffic, or in-office / in-store visits, our technology and strategy we’ll get you there.

Use proximity targeting to reach people around an office or a store

Target users within a 0.1 to 3 mile radius around your location in real-time.

Reach a customized list of competitors’ locations

Target people who have visited your clients or competitors’ stores.


Reach target audience groups based on past behaviors

Reach users based on where they have visited or shopped in the past.

Measure in-office / in-store visits to calculate return on ad spend

We track physical visits to your office or store from each ad campaign.

Learn how we can help you or your customers.

Financial Services

  • Target people who shop at high-end grocery stores and specific retail locations.
  • Advertise to your target audience during community events, festivals, or industry conferences.
  • Target customers based on their past visitation to specific locations (like competitors).

Real Estate

  • Build your brand by targeting mobile phones at community events or local shopping areas.
  • Expose prospects to your apartments, new homes, or re-sale listings based on where they shop or drive.
  • Target competitor locations to grow your brand visibility.


  • Boost your brand awareness and in-person engagements at conferences.
  • Drive valuable website traffic and remarketing to target segments.
  • Target specific prospects’ place of work.


  • Target your audiences by the locations they shop, eat, or work.
  • Drive valuable website traffic and build custom remarketing lists via clicks to your website.
  • Target competitor locations.
  • Skies the limit. If you have an idea, we can test it.

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