Lemlist for Cold Emails

Lemlist is the first email outreach platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images and videos. Kickstart customer relationships by making your cold emails highly personalized and human from day one. Setting up Lemlist is pretty straightforward, but before you do this make sure that you have a domain to use and you already prepared it for cold emailing, meaning you have set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, these are VERY important for your deliverability.

Connect Email Provider

Login to your Lemlist account, under settings, go to Email Provider option.

Lemlist Set Up 1

You can choose either Google/G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

Lemlist Set Up 2

Optionally, you can change the Google or Microsoft 365 Label once you connected, or use your default. This will be the name the recipients will see once they received the email from your Lemlist campaign.

Add Signature

You can add your signature by going to the Settings>Email Signature. You can use the signature of the email address you connected to Lemlist or create a new one.

Lemlist Set Up 3

Add Custom Tracking Domain

Lemlist tracks all clicks and opens using one of lemlist’s shared domains. But, using your own custom domain will improve your email deliverability even more.

Set Up 4

Lemlist allows you to create your own custom tracking domain (CTD) in a few easy steps. Login to your domain registrar account like Godaddy, and go to DNS Manager to add this record:

For the “TYPE” field.

Select “CNAME”.

For the “NAME” or “HOST” field.

Type whatever you want, e.g. “track”.

For the “HOSTNAME” or “VALUE” or “POINTS TO” field.

Type “custom.lemlist.com”


  • For those using Cloudflare: when setting up your CNAME record, set it to DNS proxy only (the default is set to http and DNS).
  • If your domain is “yahoo.com”, then your custom tracking domain – full domain – should be “track.yahoo.com”.

If you need a tutorial for a specific domain provider, here are some lemlister approved tutorials:




Network Solutions

Go to lemlist. If users have different domains each user will have to create a CTD and insert it under “Settings” > “Email Provider” section.

If users in a team have the same domain then only one user will set up the CTD and insert it under “Settings” > “Teams”.

➡ In both cases, scroll down to the “Custom Domain” section.

➡ Enter the new sub-domain you just created, in the “Full Domain” field and click outside the text box to validate it.

Lemlist will check your DNS records and see if everything looks good.

You can also check in the meantime with host support if they see in their backend if everything is ok from their side since lemlist cannot check their backend.

Please note that it can take up to 72 hours before these changes get distributed around the Internet.

Test your new domain. Copy-paste your domain in a browser. If it displays lemlist, congrats everything is fine!

Set Up 5

Warm Up Your Email

Whether your email domain is old or new, it is always good to warm it up first before launching a campaign. Lemlist has this awesome feature that will let you warm up your email automatically, just sit back and relax! To do this, go to Settings>Email Warm Up. Here you will see your email account information including when the email account is created. It also shows you a global report of all the warm up emails you have sent and where these emails are landing (inbox,spam, categories). To set this up, just choose how many warm up emails you want to send per day, maximum is 40, then pick a ramp-up increment value per day. After you set this up, just click the start button and wait for the email address to warm up. Minimum wait is one month. While waiting for the warm up to get done, you can start building contents for your Lemlist campaigns.

Set Up 6

Creating Campaigns

After warming up your email address, you can now start creating your campaigns!

Set Up 7

  1. Add name for your campaign
  2. Add buddies-to-be, these are your contacts. You can either import them via CSV file or manually add them to your campaign.
  3. Set up campaign flow and messages. Every campaign has a flow where you can decide what email to send and how many days interval before the next email will get sent to your contacts. You can build your emails from scratch or use Lemlist templates. Check out their blog for more high-performing email templates.
  4. Schedule your campaign. Choose what is the best time to send emails.

Click the Start button when done, and that’s it! You just finished setting up your Lemlist account for cold emailing.

Lemlist is an awesome tool that lets you send cold emails with ease. It’s a good way to power-up your marketing game and gain more customers.