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Any business can build a robust sales pipeline by tapping into the right digital marketing platform and implementing goal-oriented marketing solutions. Strengthen your LinkedIn marketing strategy today and capitalize on the world’s largest professional network!

While much of the focus is on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is growing steadily as a business advertising platform. Over the years, LinkedIn has successfully become one of the top social media channels for establishing online connections and accelerating business growth.
By now, almost all businesses use LinkedIn to market their brands, establish industry thought leadership and connect with influencers.

Not sure if marketing on LinkedIn is the right strategy for your brand? In this post, we discussed everything you need to know about LinkedIn marketing to determine if it’s the right choice for your company. These LinkedIn marketing tips will help you make better use of the social media platform.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Profile

After setting up your LinkedIn account, the next step is to amplify the value of your LinkedIn presence. Be sure to:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn company page and personal profile
  • Choose the right profile picture and banner for your LinkedIn business page
  • Write a compelling business description and include relevant keywords
  • Customize your headlines
  • Fill out all applicable fields (i.e., website URL, business location, contact number, industry, company size, specialties, etc.)
  • Build your employees’ profile
  • Personalize your LinkedIn page URL
  • Update your page images
  • Follow topic-based communities
  • Explore other LinkedIn features

2. Be Patient and Put in the Effort

Consistency is the key to build up a good profile on LinkedIn for Business. Upload engaging content regularly.

Comment, like and share content posted by others in or out of your network. Doing this helps to build that relationship and can form an essential part of your overall LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

One trick.

Do the work and develop a content strategy that reflects your expertise. Update your profile with content that speaks to your market.

Reach out to potential businesses or individuals through messages and start a conversation. Please do not wait for them to come to you; go to them. Provide value to your network before expecting anything in return. The leads and business would follow.

3. Publish Content that Adds Value

Marketing on LinkedIn is less about creating sales-y promotional messages and more about adding value to the lives of your audience. In fact, B2B marketers who put their audience’s informational needs first make up 88% of the top performers in content marketing.

So you should use LinkedIn to create, share and publish content that serves some purpose–whether it’s to educate, inform, guide, inspire or entertain your audience. This improves the chances of getting your audience to engage with your content and building a connection with you or your company.

And when someone engages with your post, there’s a chance it’ll also show up in the feeds of their connections, further increasing your reach.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to share only your original content. But don’t hesitate to share insightful and informative content relevant to your industry even if it’s from a third-party. This will establish that you’re the go-to source for valuable industry-related information. But try using the native LinkedIn publishing platform every once in a while.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

When you’ve mastered the basics of LinkedIn marketing, it’s time to diversify. Experiment with posting at different times of the day or week. If you find that a particular type of post gets more engagement than others – do more of it!

5. Connect with the Right People

“Establishing connections is the best way to succeed on LinkedIn.” Begin your relationship-building by joining industry-specific LinkedIn groups. Doing so provides you with an avenue to start discussions and crowdsource sentiment.

Engaging your employees and business partners is also one way to get more followers on your LinkedIn business page. Your team members are your strongest allies in boosting your page engagement. By encouraging them to promote your brand across their networks, you attract more people interested in what you do. Additionally, every time your team members make a new connection on LinkedIn, the new connections will be prompted to follow your page.

It is also recommended that you engage with the content posted on your network. In this way, you connect with more people interested in your niche market.

Again, look at your competitor’s pages. How effectively are they using LinkedIn? Is there anything they’re doing that you do? Or conversely, is there anything they’re not doing that you can do? Seek out the gaps that exist in your sector and see if you can fill them.

6. Feed your Efforts with Analytics Data

Finally, it’s crucial that you don’t just jump into LinkedIn marketing without some research. Otherwise, you’ll blindly publish hundreds of posts without getting any viable results and all your efforts would go to waste. The native LinkedIn analytics data gives you an in-depth look at how your posts are performing. So check your performance data regularly and look for any scope for improvement.


Without a doubt, one of the best marketing channels that will help you with the development of your business is LinkedIn. When it comes to professional online networking, it’s at the forefront of most people’s minds. Your business needs to be on there and you need to be making the most of the opportunities it offers.