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As part of our drive to deliver the full digital marketing experience to every client, Ninestone Marketing has partnered with Tilious, an SEO company that has the same data-driven, results-oriented approach we have.

It’s a partnership that offers you more!

Tilious, like Ninestone Marketing, is dedicated to delivering tangible improvements in visitor numbers and visibility across the internet. Not just from search engines, but from anywhere!

We love working with Tilious because they are committed to tying SEO to our Client’s bottom line. Plus their reporting, work ethic and a collaborative approach are the best we’ve encountered in the last 15 years of marketing.

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We believe that Ninestone Marketing and Tilious together make a force to be reckoned with!

SEO Services from Tilious

Tilious offers an end-to-end SEO service covering everything a website needs to attract more visitors and more revenue from organic search. SEO services include:

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

An SEO audit shows us clearly what’s working on a website and what isn’t. It provides the foundation for everything we do and is a fundamental part of SEO.

We perform an initial audit to get us started and regular audits to measure improvements.

SEO audits include checking the user experience, site architecture, on-page SEO, backlinks and many other metrics.

NS Website Maintenance

Website Tracking

Decisions driven by data are usually sound decisions. That’s why we set up tracking and analytics. That way, we all know what’s happening now and can accurately measure the improvements we make.

Setting up tracking early on gives us the best possible picture of how the website is performing and how it improves over time.

NS Quick Wins

Quick Wins

Once we know what needs to be fixed or improved and have the means to measure those improvements, we begin with the quick wins. All those little tweaks that can benefit your website quickly.

Quick wins can be anything from changing site navigation to removing bad links. Much depends on what we find in the SEO audit.

NS Lead Generation and Management

Target Market Research

Increasing a website’s visibility requires an understanding of who might be looking for what your website offers. That’s where market research comes in.

We research your ideal target market, your current visibility in those markets, your competition, typical keywords used by those markets, how well your website appeals and a whole lot more.

NS SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Aside from the quick wins, everything else we do is driven by data and encapsulated within an SEO strategy.

This ensures you get maximum return on your investment while being able to see the road ahead. You’ll always have full visibility of the strategy, what we’re doing, and why.

The strategy will depend entirely on the website, the current situation, target market and other factors, but will be tailor-made to your exact needs.

NS Marketing Automation

Effective Campaigns

Once a coherent SEO strategy is in place, we can begin devising campaigns to deliver on its goals. We have the measurement tools in place, your goals in mind and an audience to attract.

Typical SEO campaigns can include content optimization, link building, onsite SEO, offsite SEO and many other activities depending on your goals.

NS Website Optimization

Performance Analysis

Once your SEO campaigns have been running for a while, we’ll begin analyzing the results. As everything is measured, we can clearly see what’s working and what needs refinement.

SEO isn’t a one-shot process. It’s a process that requires continuous analysis and refinement so it’s running like a well-oiled machine!

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