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How Does PPC Profit Pros Harness Skai.io to Drive Unprecedented Profit Margins?

In this enlightening interview, I had the privilege of sitting down with Aaron Adamson, a top global expert in Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Aaron takes us on a journey through the intricacies of PPC marketing for Fortune 50 companies, shedding light on the unique approach his team employs to maximize profits and leverage enterprise tactics and software for middle-market clients. Join me as we delve into the secrets behind his remarkable success and the cutting-edge technology we now leverage together.

Aaron is the CEO and Founder of PPC Profit Pros. His team of highly qualified experts in the PPC space focus on middle-market clients with annual revenues ranging from 10 to 400 million dollars per year, providing comprehensive PPC marketing management and robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

What sets PPC Profit Pros apart is their unwavering commitment to tracking leads from the initial click to ACTUAL sales and revenue, not just to the lead. Unlike most agencies that concentrate solely on optimizing leads, Aaron’s team leverages the top global omni channel advertising software to scrutinize the intricate connection between keywords, attributing keywords, ads, landing pages, revenue, and profit. Yes, Actual Profit! With the aid of skai.io and a battle-tested 20-year profit-back system, PPC Profit Pros has partnered with our team at Ninestone to deliver astonishing results ranging from 25%-327% in PROFIT with Ninestone Clients.

PPC Profit Pros
Beyond AI technologies, Aaron’s emphasized  the pivotal role of a CRM system in efficiently managing leads and enhancing sales conversion rates.
“Ninestone’s meticulous approach to safeguarding and optimizing the essential code that links leads to keywords is a cornerstone of their flourishing collaboration.”

How Does Skai.io Dominate the PPC Landscape?

Cracking the PPC Code: When quizzed about what sets his technology apart from 99% of agencies, Aaron unveils his secret weapon—skai.io AI technology. Launched in 2006, skai.io AI employs a team of mathematicians in Tel Aviv, Israel, to tackle the intricate challenge of PPC profit maximization at the keyword level. Aaron is an expert in delving into the nuance and complexity of optimizing keywords, each with its own profit curve, and the necessity for statistical relevance within a short timeframe to drive real results.

While skai.io’s algorithm remains shrouded in secrecy, its results speak volumes. Aaron recounts a 12-year journey of rigorous A/B testing skai.io against enterprise competitors like Marin, Quantic Mind, and Acquisio. Yes that’s right, most middle market companies can’t afford to leverage even one of these software solutions, while PPC Profit Pros has been A/B testing them against each other.

Skai.io consistently outperformed competing platforms. Aaron even hired a team of bioinformaticians to design an algorithm to beat skai.io’s bidding techniques, only to be beaten by skai.io yet again. This remarkable track record solidified Aaron’s partnership with skai.io, a partnership that continues to yield substantial profits.

Aaron explains that skai.io AI, a powerful PPC marketing tool, is typically reserved for Fortune 50 companies with substantial ad budgets.

“Accessing skai.io usually requires a monthly spend ranging from $400,000 to $1 million per month! Per month!”

The average company that’s advertising on Google Search in the United States spends $10,000 per month. Prior to working with PPC Profit Pros, our Clients at Ninestone could not afford to run this type of advanced tech. At the bare minimum our clients weren’t hitting the minimum $400k per month ad spend thresholds. Many of our Clients were in the $10k – $100k range. 

That being said, Aaron’s team has changed the competitive playing field for middle market companies and Ninestone clients all together!


How Does Our Exclusive Skai.io Access Revolutionize PPC Outcomes?

Aaron’s team at PPC Profit Pros has the ONLY global license to offer skai.io AI to companies spending $10k + per month in paid media. His decade-long expertise and deep involvement with skai.io allowed him to forge a unique partnership. He convinced skai.io to extend its services to smaller and medium-sized brands worldwide, making advanced PPC marketing accessible to a broader audience. But there’s a caveat, you need to have PPC Profit Pros in your corner running the tech, because it’s extremely complicated to run. 

Beyond technology, Aaron stresses the importance of crafting ad copy not only to attract but also to educate and deter unqualified prospects. By meticulously shaping ad copy and designing high-conversion landing pages, Aaron’s team ensures that only the most relevant and promising leads progress further in the sales process.

PPC Profit Pros and Ninestone implement “speed to lead” systems into the overall PPC ecosystem, and emphasize to all clients the pivotal role speed plays in lead generation. When leads are generated, whether through phone calls or form submissions, a swift response is key. PPC Profit Pros employs a robotic call system that instantly alerts salespersons or business development reps when a lead is generated. These leads are captured and tagged in the CRM with robust custom code for tracking and data visualization purposes.

Studies demonstrate that responding to form leads within one minute can boost conversion rates fivefold.

In today’s world of instant gratification, rapid responses are paramount.

How did the Partnership Between Ninestone Marketing and PPC Profit Pros Begin?

Often our clients ask us how we met. Well it’s simple. Alex reached out via an automated organic LinkedIn campaign that integrated social with real real human interaction via custom workflows and integrations with HubSpot. Aaron responded to Alex’s invitation to connect and they cultivated a partnership from the first call. Recognizing the potential synergy, we scheduled a follow-up call and hit it off. I was super impressed by PPC Profit Pros unique approach to PPC advertising, proprietary access to advanced software tools, and relentless focus on PROFIT not subpar leads. 

Aaron explains that Ninestone fit a critical missing element that helped enable client success. Many of PPC Profit Pros’s clients lacked technical CRM and automation expertise, making it challenging to set up the necessary fields and systems to accommodate skai.io’s unique tracking codes. Ninestone stepped in to bridge this gap, leveraging our  technical expertise to ensure a smooth process from lead to sale. Ninestone then increases sales conversion rates by writing and implementing nurture and sales sequences that maximize lead to sales conversion and then push well beyond toward growing customer lifetime value.

Technical integrations and seamless systems are key to generating profit from PPC advertising, but so is training!  Aaron emphasizes with all of our clients that it’s not enough to have a well-architected CRM system; our clients’ team members need to know how to use it effectively. Ninestone’s training programs ensure that clients understand how to utilize their CRM system to its fullest potential, boosting conversion rates and maximizing profits.

Aaron’s insights and experience with PPC marketing and the revolutionary skai.io AI technology platform provide our clients with significant profit maximization well beyond competitors’ capabilities. 

PPC is both art and science. The good news for middle market companies is that we can measure the impact of that art and science in real dollars and cents!

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