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Our Marketing Virtual Assistant Services

NS HubSpot

CRM Management

Our marketing virtual assistants are available to assist you in using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies to support your business growth. Our assistants can create Eblast campaigns, workflows, sales sequences, reports, and advertising integrations with your CRM.

NS LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our marketing virtual assistants are experts in LinkedIn lead generation. They can help you build custom organic LinkedIn marketing campaigns using your LinkedIn account, Sales Navigator, and your CRM, like HubSpot.

NS Email Marketing

Email Marketing Lead Generation

We can help create custom email marketing campaigns to promote your webinars, events, and referral campaigns, to communicate with your prospects and clients. 

NS Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Our marketing virtual assistants are trained in marketing automation software tools like HubSpot. They can create, measure, and track marketing campaigns to generate leads, improve customer relationships, increase your revenue through engagement, and optimize your campaign performance.

NS Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting

We are able to generate new business by identifying potential leads through client research, sales outreach, and cold email management.

NS Administrative Support

Administrative Support

We are able to help with email management, scheduling, data entry, research, content creation, reporting, and assist with general administrative tasks.

NS Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

We can help​​ with managing your company’s website, publish new pages, write and publish new blog posts, and research competitors.

NS Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We can help with content creation, promotion, advertising, and reporting. We can build and manage your social media calendar.

NS Content Management

Content Management

We can assist with copywriting and proofreading services. We can offer support in blog creation and management, social media content, email content, and sales content.

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?


Cost Effective

Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines is more cost-effective than hiring a local employee. The cost of living in the Philippines is lower and so are labor costs. You can pay lower hourly rates and avoid additional overhead costs by having a virtual assistant in the Philippines. You can provide a high standard of living and get high-quality work.



Our Filipino virtual assistants have a wide range of skills. They hold expertise in marketing and various technologies that can help you boost your business efficiency.


High Literacy Levels

Our Filipino virtual assistants are highly educated and fluent in English. The Philippines has a literacy rate of 97%. This allows for efficient and easy communication.


Strong Work Ethic

Filipino virtual assistants are known for their hard work and dedication to their job. They are reliable, punctual, and take pride in their work. They ensure that work is completed to the client’s satisfaction.


Social Media Strategy and Development

Our Filipino marketing virtual assistants are trained in current social media trends and strategies. They can help manage and create content for social media.


Reliable Staffing That You Can Grow At Your Own Pace

Our Filipino virtual assistants are flexible and available to work for you as needed. They can help you scale your business as you grow at a lower risk.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant from Ninestone Marketing?

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Ninestone Marketing virtual assistants and specialists are vetted, highly trained, and equipped through our marketing agency to help support your business growth.

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Marketing virtual assistants that are trained at Ninestone have a deep understanding of marketing practices. They have been trained by our marketing experts and are knowledgeable in current marketing trends, strategies, and technologies.

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At Ninestone we train our marketing virtual assistants to be results-oriented, which means they will focus on achieving measurable outcomes for your business.

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Ninestone’s virtual assistants have more training than standard virtual assistants. This enables them to hit the ground running more quickly to generate revenue for your business. 

Client Testimonial

Rosemary Boone

Rosemary Boone, Miss Claremont Blog

“My virtual marketing assistant, Kevin, really helped me to save time and increase productivity for my blog. I went from posting one blog post every two months to posting three blog posts a month without having to format it myself, scale the images, and spend time doing all those things. I was able to spend time writing blogs, which is what I love. Overall, my experience working with Kevin and going through Ninestone Marketing helped me to focus on the core of my business. All the tasks that Kevin did, formatting my blogs, designing images, scheduling posts, adding content to Pinterest, and providing reports, helped me produce more content and social media posts, which in turn expanded the reach and visibility of my blog to the community.”

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